January Links

A selection of stuff I wrote this month ...

Met and fell in love with the photographer Ming Smith, who talked to me about modeling with Grace Jones, shooting Muhammad Ali when she was in college, and how she worked to change how black people were represented in American media. She is also the most wonderful, most intelligent, thoughtful, generous, sweet person ever. As I said, I'm in love.

Also here is a photo of us at her show at the Steven Kasher Gallery --- she (on the right) is ridiculously chic.

I got interview fashion-blogging heroes Tom + Lorenzo AND the Fug Girls about the first-time Golden Globe nominees. Highlight was when GFY's Jessica Morgan said that English Rose Claire Foy, of "The Crown," should hit the red carpet in PVC.

Talked to hat-maker Alberto Hernandez and Cam Newton about all the crazy headgear Hernandez makes for the flamboyant footballer.

I wrote about where you can get your hygge on in NYC.

And finally I went deep on the trend for boob-contouring.